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Here are some thoughts from clients about what I do,


                                                                         In their own words





I have used the services of a number of clairvoyants over the last 15 years and have found Ed Carter to be the best one ever.  He is always straightforward, balanced, and respectful to me and those he reads.  He also has a good sense of balance about life and an ability to laugh with you when certain parts of the reading reveal life's chronically crazy situations.  


Ultimately, though, the bottom line is that Ed's readings have repeatedly proven to be detailed, on-target, and highly invaluable in my business and personal dealings.


Marc R. Strategic Business Real Estate Consultant. 


Austin, Tx.                                                           March 2017.




Ed is one of, if not the most, talented Clairvoyants I've ever come across.  His keen, clear insight into the nature of situations and people, past and present, is stunning and incredibly helpful.  I deeply appreciate his attention to detail and ability to address any question asked.  Ed himself is a jovial, non-assuming man with a very easy-going, relaxed and relaxing demeanor.


My first reading left a very powerful impression that I have imparted to many, many friends.  

His insights were colorful, at times jaw-dropping, and all congruent, if not spot-on.  I've had a few other readings in my life, but none left anywhere near as lasting an impression.


The insights and healing offered were very useful giving me a deeper insight into my own nature and temperament; and as a launching-off point to continue to deepen my own studies and investigation into my nature, as well as the many relationships around me.


I was very comfortable during the session; his presentation was clear and that with the 'normal' quality of his space helped put me at ease.


After the reading/healing I felt a subtle shift- energetically, but more importantly in terms of my direction going forward with both external and internal relationships.


I would say his readings have been most helpful in sorting out relationships, both personal and professional.  This has been extremely valuable to help cut through the confusion and guesswork, and, when appropriate, has helped to make quick work of important, complex decisions.

Specifically he recently helped me decide the best of 3, equally appealing business opportunities.


I haven't needed to recommend his services - simply sharing my experience with others has been enough to send many friends to see him!


What has fascinated me about the experiences they then share with me is how incredibly varied and fascinating they are; which, to my mind, really speaks to the authenticity of their own and my experience.


Tyler Mc C UXDesigner 

Austin Tx.     April 2017




Ed is the real deal. He has done several healings /readings for my wife and I, and afterward, I feel lighter and have more clarity. It's almost like he washes the hazy film off the lenses to your eye glasses. It's a huge relief and the world shows up in all its brilliance again.


One quick example from his readings that I will never forget. I asked Ed if I would ever find someone for a serious relationship, and he proceeded to describe the woman I would later marry to a tee. He almost got her name right. In the reading he said, "I think her name Is Susan and you already know her. She has been in your circle of friends for a long time" which she had been. When he went back later in the that same reading to confirm her name, he said, "I think she is mocking me. I said, 'Is your name Susan?' and she said, 'Maybe it's Georgia' in this sarcastic way."  


As it turned out, her name was Suzanne, and she has spent her whole life correcting people who called her Susan. Also, her family is from Georgia. And here's the craziest part, on the first night we went out, a Scottish man came up to her and started hitting on her. He asked her her name, and she said "My name is Scottish," in a her best Scottish accent. He was initially a little confused and said "No, it's not. What is your name?" and she persisted until he was totally irritated. I re-listened to that reading from three mos prior and had goose bumps realizing she had done that exact thing to Ed when he asked her name again. We were married 6 mos later.


Also, when we decided to have kids, Ed did a reading right after we had completed IVF and were waiting to see if it had worked. We had placed two embryos, one was a boy and one was a girl, however Ed did not know this during our reading.  He told us he saw both a boy and a girl standing behind Suzanne suggesting fraternal twins and described them. Soon thereafter, we found out that she was pregnant and that both embryos had taken. We now have two beautiful babies just as Ed had seen them.


Megan & Suzanne B.   Attorney & Mom

Dallas, Tx. March 2017  


My reading with Ed was exceptionally interesting.  I didn't really know what to expect -- in the past I have had readings & they have always been so vague or inaccurate as to be almost completely pointless. 


Sitting with Ed was a very positive experience.  He is truly competent & capable of making even the most trepidacious customer feel comfortable & at ease.  He knew what I wanted to ask him about straight off the bat, & encouraged me to ask questions.  He approaches topics with tact & humor.  A lot of what we discussed was business-related & I found that as we sat there, he would (incredibly) expound upon ideas I had already had.  I left feeling very good about myself & full of wonder & excitement.  


Now, a couple of months later, I continue to think about what he told me.  The time I spent with him was very inspiring, illuminating & helpful.  I hope to work closely with him in the future!


Gala D.                 Business owner.


New York, NY.                 Sept 2006.





We called Ed because our house felt "off"- as if we couldn't quite thrive in the house...


We got robbed, our plants would die, and I had been having bizarre experiences in the middle of the night, almost every night, waking up very angry and stressed out, often yelling, "something is not right!!!" or having some sort of negative thinking about life in general- how it didn't make sense or didn't have a point.


 Looking back, I honestly hadn't slept well since we moved into the house. As a matter of fact, I would have said, at the time, that I "couldn't stand" the house and I was looking forward to moving out as soon as possible.

 Ed gave my girlfriend and me a session each, which was great and incredibly comforting, and followed up by coming to the house. Not only did he "see" a woman there, but he described her in detail. Another friend of ours had mentioned the same woman to us, and there was no way Ed could have known about our friend's sighting. 


Ed did a clearing for us at the house, as the woman was obviously not interested in us living in "her" house, so Ed helped her to move on, and helped us to claim our home.

I honestly had never connected my night time "freak outs" with the energy in the house- I thought it was just stress- but after he cleared the house, I swear I slept like a BABY for the first time in over a year!!!


 It was incredibly noticeable, how well I slept, at first, and then it just became a normal thing to sleep well... Not only that, but the house became a place that we loved to be.


 We have since moved out of the house, and when we left I had actually grown to love the house so much that I cried when we left it... All because of the work he did there and suggestions he gave us! 


We highly recommend Ed to do any healing energy work, and that's precisely why he's coming over to work on our new house this weekend!


Chelsea B. and Kerri C.              Graphic Designer.


Austin, TX.                           Aug 2008.





Ed was strongly recommended to me by a friend who called him the "real deal." Having had a number of  readings in the past, I was skeptical at first, especially because I could not envision how a distance reading over the phone would work.

 However, curiosity prevailed and I scheduled my first reading.


I am very glad I did. Both readings I had with Ed so far proved to be very valuable to me, and I will have more in the future. My friend was right: Ed is indeed "the real deal" in the world of clairvoyance. 


Down to earth, very personable and generous, and with a fabulous sense of humor, he has provided insights into those areas of my life that seemed rather cloudy to me. Some of his statements are directly verifiable (such as his accurate description of my cat sitting next to me at the time of the reading) and others are highly plausible thought starters to sort out issues (such as his views on experiences in previous life times and motivations of people in my present life).

 Many of the questions I had prepared before the readings were addressed by Ed before I could even ask them. Truly remarkable.


Ed starts his readings with what he calls a "healing." This is what I was most skeptical about yet what has had the greatest impact on me. The healings balanced my emotional state and cured me of an anger issue in a particular area in my life. After readings with Ed, I feel peaceful and grounded. That alone, aside from all the interesting and helpful information I receive from him, is invaluable to me.


After meeting Ed, I have no interest in consulting any other clairvoyant anymore. I will have more readings with him in the future and have recommended him to several of my friends. The man has a gift. Let him share it with you.


Isabelle R College teacher

Phoenix, AZ.             Nov 2011





Ed has done several healings for me over the past few years, and in each case I could feel a difference immediately. The experience of the healing is always very intense, and I usually feel like I want to go to sleep afterwards. 

The next day I always feel lighter in spirit, and painful spots in my body feel better. In at least one case, 4 of 5 extra mystery pounds (I couldn't figure out why I gained them overnight and why they wouldn't go away)

 I had carried around for a month were gone the next morning. During that healing, Ed pulled a large black energy out of me. 


During the healings, Ed uses specific visualizations to help me get rid of toxic energy and replace my own good energy. I have been able to use these same visualization tools in between healings to keep the process going and manage feelings of depression and anxiety. 


When I ask Ed questions, he doesn't give me the pat answers I want to hear. He doesn't sift or judge the information that comes to him, he delivers it truthfully, so I know I can trust him. 


There have been times when his predictions have been uncanny, usually concerning something that is about to happen. As an example, when I asked him about a relationship I was in, he told me I had a strong soul connection with that person, but that it was not a good one. 

That was exactly how I felt, but couldn't understand how such a strong connection could be with the wrong person. 


Ed went on to tell me that he could see I was ready to be done with this person, but that first it looked like I would be taking him on a trip to the desert. He specified Big Bend, and indeed, I was leaving for Big Bend with this person the next day. He also told me that when I was really done with this wrong guy he could see other people out there for me who would be healthier relationships and have much more to offer me. 


This gave me the courage to end a very destructive relationship and move on, and 10 months later I met my "perfect guy." That relationship lasted 8 months and ended abruptly around the time Ed had foreseen a big growth period for me. It certainly proved to be a time of intense growth, albeit through dealing with rejection.


The future isn't fixed in place, and the farther out you ask someone to look the less likely you are to get accuracy. In the present, however, Ed has proven to be very good at reading people and situations, and his healings have helped me through some very tough times of physical and emotional distress. 


Rona D.                 Journalist.


Austin, Tx.                               Sept 2010.                      




"I trust Ed's readings and advice fully and wholeheartedly.   During the various sessions I felt he was clearly connecting to my energy and spirit as well as knew just what I was experiencing and what I needed to clear out my inner cobwebs! 


 He really picked up on my vibe and my inner issues, and I felt completely comfortable and safe discussing them further.  


 After the sessions, my days seemed to make a lot more sense and I felt more open, aware and conscious of my life.  

I also was able to follow through with some of his thoughts, ideas and suggestions for me in the future.


I trust his insight and I am quite grateful to have made this informative  and useful connection."


Jill L.           Yoga Instructor, Business Owner. 


Dolores, Colorado             August 2008.





My one and only healing and reading  with Ed  changed my life. The clearing of my overall energy created a palpable shift that I feel has allowed me to grow, learn and become more open, expansive and whole so I can be of service to others. 


His personal style and his ease to be around made me feel comforted and cared for and he has become a trusted confident and friend.  In addition, Ed has even gone as far as to predict very specific business related knowledge that gave me surprising insight into how truly skillful he is. 


I would not hesitate to recommend Ed to anyone and I truly look forward to my next healing and reading. 


Thank you Ed for all you do.  


Marni J. E.                     Business Consultant & Owner.


Austin, Tx.       March 2011.





When I first went to see Ed I was skeptical. It was the urging of a friend that brought me to Ed in the first place. I had never been to an energy healer before but the whole concept resonated with what I felt would be helpful in resolving some issues I was experiencing.


Ed picked up immediately on the issues I speak of: family, career, and relationships. I didn't say anything about why I was there; I honestly didn't know what to ask or what to expect. 

I felt very at ease, a bit confused but also optimistic that I was on the right the path to better understand what and why I was feeling. 

In all honesty, I felt lighter and enlightened when I left my reading.

 I wasn't sure why, but I made the conscious decision to follow it rather than understand it. That night when I crawled in to bed and turned off the light, there was a deafening silence around me.

 All of the noise and chatter in my head had subsided and was silenced. Taking bits and pieces of what I learned in my reading, it was then I understood what an energy cleansing was. 

The next morning when I awoke, I had an epiphany about what this thing called life is all about: energy. 

All of those trite expressions finally made sense: you reap what you sow, don't put anymore energy into it, the power of positive thinking. 

We are all energy; Mother Earth is the primary energy source, we are offshoots. Energy cannot "die" therefore when our vehicle (the body) tires and gives out we move to another vehicle. 

Ed explained to me what he saw in my past lives, the struggles with my mother have always been there, but I'm usually the mother and she is the child; talk about enlightening! 

All of these things, and many others, were plain as day to me. I am able to view not only my life but the world from a different perspective-- one of clarity and acceptance. I believe in our world today we tend to let too many useless things weight us down;

 Ed has the gift to help one remove and heal the wounds of these emotional toxins and carry on in a healthy and insightful manner.

 Ed is non-judgmental and really makes a sincere effort to help his clients live a more fulfilled and enlightened existence. 

Even the skeptics, as I was, benefit greatly from this human gift called Ed Carter. 


Katherine K.                               Marketing Executive.


Austin Tx.                         June 2009.





I'd like to share the specific example of how I began to understand Ed's 



In 2007 I was gifted a reading by a dear friend of mine and a long time client of Ed's.  At the point in my life when Ed and I got together, I was in the

middle of an active job search.  In Ed's reading he saw that I would eventually be working in a design studio atmosphere.


Sounded nice but at the time, I had no resume placed in that environment, no leads in that direction, and no real burning desire to work in that atmosphere.  However, a few months later in a serendipitous situation the right job came to me at the right time and low and behold an opportunity to work for a very successful design studio.  Of course there was no doubt I would take the job as the money, the growth opportunity, the position and the timing was just right.  Ed was spot on with the reading and more than anything his insight helped me to confirm that I was on track with my life and my decision to say yes...'


J. Schraeder.   Landscape Project Manager.  


Austin, Tx.                                                       Mar 2008.




I have received readings from Ed several times over the past few years. Each time I have been amazed by both his spot-on assessment of the current situation, and his offered solution to the issues. 


Each reading from Ed stemmed from my desire to make changes in my life, and yet once changes were made--I discovered I was in basically the same situation, just different surroundings.  


Ed's ability to see what was "behind" each situation--to why I was getting the same results--was amazing. Even better were the new results that followed. Brilliant!!


I have continued to refer back to his comments as I actively change much of my life, and each time it's been helpful.


In addition, Ed is quite the funny guy--so I felt very comfortable discussing just about anything with him. 


Allison C.                                                                                 Administrative Professional.


San Francisco, CA.                                                                                                Nov 2012.





I've worked with Ed on several occasions. While I have many years experience with several forms of energy healing, Ed is my go to guy when I stumble across something too tough even for me to handle. 

He's good, very good. Ed has pulled me out of a couple of serious scrapes, all the while being professional, approachable, down to earth and yet stunningly effective. 

I've learnt things from Ed that I use as a core part of my life, every single day. Meeting Ed has been, without a doubt, one of the most positive, life changing experiences of my life. I'm unbelievably grateful.


Si  D.                                                                               Software Engineer.


Wellington, New zealand.               Mar 2008.





"I found Ed's insights to be specific, accurate and unique.  I am a landscape artist, and his healing work identified some interesting energetic conditions (a strong energy connection to the landscape that emanates through my feet) as well as specific spirit guides that are present to assist me in my work. 

 The information provided to Ed by my guides was very detailed and helpful, and unique to my particular process.  An artist friend who also consulted Ed compared readings with me, and we marvelled at how different our readings were with regard to our art guides, and yet how true they each were to our individual work.  

Ed's readings are unusual in both specificity and the variety of information he is able to access. I have consulted psychics and healers in the past, and Ed's work has been the most beneficial to me in making my art."


Cindy S.                         Attorney, Landscape Artist.


Santa Fe, New Mexico.                           July 2010.






My experience with Ed and my past life reading was actually my first experience with a psychic.  I am very interested in learning anything I can that might explain who I am in this life , how I got here and any insight into where I may be heading.


Talking with Ed was incredibly easy. I had my apprehensions before our conversations that perhaps I was not connected enough to the universe or whatever that he would have to tell me that it wasn't going to work.  He made me feel at ease from the beginning with humor and non threatening manner. 


Ed spent more time than he had to with me and our time together flew by. He nailed many of my present relationships on the head. I felt very calm after our session. the outside noise was much quieter to me than normal and gained a new perspective for energy and how it works.


Thank you Ed!




Carolina M.           Development Specialist. 


North Carolina.                                                 April 2006.





I went to Ed for a reading considering a film project on which I was working at the time.  I was having some issues with the Executive Producer, and I didn't exactly know what to do. I didn't tell him any details, as I was so unsure of what was bothering me so much.  

He did a reading and saw a creepy boss-hogg-like energy who was trying to sap me dry, both creatively and financially.  I doubted his reading, not because I didn't trust Ed, but because I had known this other guy for 20 years.  I just didn't want to believe it about him. 

 Turned out that Ed was right.  I not only was royally screwed by this guy financially, but I also lost control of my film to him.  Ed has a gift, and I certainly will be listening to him next time without question.


Christine R.                                       Producer / Film-maker.


Austin, TX                                               Feb 2006.





I met Ed Carter at a dance workshop in Houston TX about 1996.    I wasn't feeling well  and sat off to the side waiting for my friends to finish the class.  Ed noticed my distress and came right over asking if I was OK.  He was charming, caring and very silly.   In no time he had me laughing.    We've been friends ever since.  

Ed is a very sincere, caring, funny man and always makes the people around him feel safe and welcome.  With his people skills, he  is well suited for working in the healing arts & has a way with people that will take him far.  


Janet Benaski.                                     Bodyworker & Artist. 


Austin TX.                                                             Nov 2006.





Over the last few years I have gone to Ed for both healing work, and clarification on some choices and options I was being presented with. 

As a direct result of Ed’s prescient advice I was able to prepare myself and my business for a very large scale & successful costuming significant opportunity. This led to an expansion of my business & has put me in position to take on other significant jobs, making new & valuable business contacts.


 His work has been most helpful and effective.  His insights gave me valuable information, and were a real assistance in moving forward both personally & in my business.  His healings were gentle, but had undeniable results. 

   In the future, I will continue to rely on Ed for his reliable assistance. 


 Jane C.                                                     Vintage Clothing Dealer, Costume Designer.


 Austin, Tx                                                    August 2007.





The reading I had with Ed was a great way to start my new year!  It was fun and relaxing, and also offered some new thoughts for me to chew on as I was moving through pain from my past(s) and looking forward to revealing more of myself in the coming year.  It has almost been a year, now, since my reading and I have referred back to the information gained in that reading many times. 

 I have also given the gift of an Ed reading to a friend for her birthday!  I recommend Ed to anyone who may be skeptical of visiting a clairvoyant but who is open-minded and ready for a new adventure!


Lannie M.                 Youth Development.


Boston,  Mass.                                                           Jan 2006.





Working with Ed is wonderful because he is a very grounded,  straightforward, un-fussy person, so there is not a lot that gets in the way of his talent and insight.  

I always come away from a session feeling stable and calm and more confident- because he simply has a wonderful way of showing you to yourself from a new perspective that makes you feel lighter and more grounded at the same time. He is excellent at clearing away blocked energy, even from afar, which I find remarkable, and he helps you get things moving again, even reaching through and motivating  a 3rd party's action or inaction.  Truly impressive.  

Recently, I completed construction of an enormous installation sculpture, and  he was part of the  team of 15 that made it all happen.  He did amazing work  helping me and others on the team stay focused and grounded through the intense 2 week construction.

  Above all, he is a  fantastic person with great positive energy,  and I am forever grateful for the generous sharing of his gifts. 


Kate R.           Photographer, Sculptress - Artist.      

New York, NY.                                               Nov 2006.





I met Ed through a random series of occurrences that led to an introduction through a friend, at the Burning Man Art festival 2006. After a short discussion of things esoteric, I found myself wanting to talk with him some more. It was what I call a spiritual 'prod'. The prod is a niggle in the back of your mind that won't subside till you do something about it.

The Burning Man festival is sometimes chaotic, so it took a few days to catch up with him again. When I did, he offered me a reading. I had no idea what to expect, as my experience of readings are that the methods and results are as many and varied as the people who do them.

We found somewhere relatively quiet to sit, and he did the reading. I won't go into details of what actually happened, but I will say that Ed was very respectful of boundaries, and also considerate of asking permission before touching any part of my body. ( Head, feet & shoulders) He was careful to explain what he was doing before he did it. The whole procedure took around half an hour.

Things that impressed me about Ed's reading:

He saw my guides accurately.

He talked me through what he was doing which was reassuring and also helpful in that I could go away and use the techniques he used, later.

He taught me a very simple, very very good grounding technique.

Much of the physical healing stuff he talked about was accurate.

He offered explanations I hadn't previously thought of regarding emotional/spiritual issues and connections.

I can't say that the reading was fun. Having someone look inside you in that way isn't something I'd call fun, I find it very confronting and uncomfortable, and the level of intimacy required means that afterwards I felt uncomfortable around Ed, in much the same way you'd feel uncomfortable around your boss if they had seen you having a shower. However, I think this is more of a reflection on me than on Ed. He went out of his way to make me as comfortable as possible. Also, as a spiritual worker and healer myself, to me this shows that Ed is effective, since if it hadn't been for real, I wouldn't have felt like this.

Since the reading, I've applied the techniques he showed me in daily life and found the grounding in particular to be useful. The explanations he offered have set my mind at rest for some things that were bothering me, and I've been in contact with him since and learned another effective technique for breaking cycles of recurring negative thought. So yes, I'd say that it has helped me in daily life, and certainly some of the things he showed me will have an ongoing effect into the future.

I would recommend Ed, although only to people who are serious about learning about themselves and growing spiritually. People who approach this as a joke or with something to hide, or as an ego-boost, may be biting off more than they can chew. Just saying.

W Allison.               Qualifications Developer.

Wellington, New Zealand.                                                             Aug 2006.





I awoke today with a sense of clarity that blew my mind.  I think that I could vomit from the residuals of the floating black tar that has dampered my spirit these past years.  And in an instant I saw the moment in time where I chose the material world over the spiritual, when I chose the mediocrity of false security over the wondrous light and power of my ambition.  


Where I chose to seek solace in others rather than in myself.  Where I lost my focus and became a passenger in the vehicle  of my destiny rather than the driver.  Where I chose to fit in rather than to be.


And I fell madly passionately deeply in love with myself again.  And I knew I was free, truly free to enjoy this fleeting existence and the millions of existences that follow and precede it in the circle of never-ending life.


And there you are, a fabulous talented wonderful light spreading the light throughout the universe and freeing yourself and millions of others to do the same.


Thanks Ed, your diligence in working with me on this progress has been enlightening, I hope as much for you as you for me.


You are a shining star ed. Blessing for your journey,


Best Regards,


Havona M. Esq.               Attorney at Law.


New York. NY.                                                                       Nov 2006.

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