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Rates are $100 an hour,  half hour - $50.00. (please note 


I always offer first time clients an introductory  flat rate ( $150.00) for the initial consultation. This usually takes approximately 2-4 hours sometimes longer and includes in three parts an energy healing, tuition,  feedback and reading questions and answers.


All readings are recorded as Mp3 digital audio files, and are included with the reading. After reading I send you an email link (or links) to download your Mp3 audio files, which will play on any computer, ipod, most mobile phones or mp3 player.

You may wish to burn these files to a cd on your computer which many clients choose too.


Many  folks like the practicality of portable readings for review as a playlist on your iPhone or mobile device,  as I do, to be a real timesaver and useful for the on the go life.


On occasion I do pro-bono work at my discretion and I  do trade for services.

Feel free to ask. Sometimes yes sometimes no.


Sometimes folks do tip, however there is never obligation.

To book online go to the book online button in the toolbar or email directly.


Simply go to wwww., and use your credit / debit mastercard or visa, if you don't have a PayPal account.  


Send to my Paypal email payment address - Please send as a gift.

I also accept Venmo, (Venmo id - ed-carter-2) cash and checks.


Thank you for allowing me to be of service.



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